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Jim Carris Statement Against the Alabama Ruling on IVF

Jim Carris (R-Lake Forest) released the following statement on the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling on IVF:

“As a parent who has personally experienced the process of IVF, I vehemently oppose the recent ruling in Alabama. Denying women and their families the right to pursue fertility treatments not only infringes upon their reproductive freedoms but also undermines the countless families who have benefited from assisted reproductive technologies. It is imperative that Congress takes swift legislative action to safeguard IVF and ensure that all individuals have the autonomy to make their own reproductive choices without government interference. We must stand firm in defending the rights of all individuals to build the families they dream of.”

Jim Carris is running for Congress as a Republican in Illinois’ 10th Congressional District, which consists of Chicago’s north and northwest suburbs, including Lake and portions of Cook and McHenry Counties. He’s a new, independent leader who will make the economy, public safety, and national security his main focus in Washington.

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