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Jim Carris Statement on Biden Withholding Aid to Israel

Jim Carris (R-Lake Forest) today released the following statement on President Biden’s threat to
withhold weapons from Israel:

“This week, President Biden made the incredulous decision to issue an ultimatum regarding
Israeli military action in the city of Rafah, threatening to withhold weapons and military
resources from our strongest ally in the Middle East – a sovereign, democratic nation fighting a
battle on its own border. This whip-lash betrayal comes on the heels of what now seems to be
an insincere April approval of a $95B foreign aid package.

As Matt Brooks, Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition said in a Thursday OpEd,
“Israel has had two goals for all its actions since Hamas swarmed across the border and
massacred 1,200 Israelis on October 7: End the existential threat of Hamas and bring the
hostages home…Rafah is the last stronghold where Hamas leaders are hiding deep
underground in tunnels, surrounded by hostages…If Israel doesn’t finish off Hamas in Rafah,
the terrorist organization will live to fight again—soon—funded as always by Iran. Hamas will be
able to rebuild and act on its brazen pledge to repeat the massacre of October 7 again, and
again, and again. Meanwhile, the hostages—men, women, and children who have been tortured
in those tunnels for more than six months now—will never see the sun or their families’ faces

I couldn’t agree more. The return of the hostages and compassion for the Israeli people has
been one of my top priorities since October 7. I find it unbelievable that our President continues
to stand by and not only fails to assist in the return of the hostages, but actively acts against
Israel in its efforts to protect itself and its people. President Biden’s latest foreign policy decision
is misguided, ineffective, and undermines Israel’s security and sovereignty. Israel has the right
to defend itself against threats posed by terrorist organizations operating in Gaza, including

While my opponent, Congressman Schneider, believes that the Administration’s intentions to
support Israel are still “ironclad,” I am concerned that even the perception of weakness on this
issue sends a message to our adversaries that America is not all in. Withholding military support
only weakens Israel’s ability to protect its citizens and sends a troubling message to its enemies
who also happen to be America’s enemies. This decision not only jeopardizes Israel’s security
but also undermines trust in the longstanding alliance between the United States and Israel,
potentially emboldening Iran and its proxies and destabilizing the Middle East further.”