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Senator Mark Kirk and Congressman Bob Dold Endorse Jim Carris

Lake Forest, IL – Today, the Carris for Congress campaign is proud to announce former Senator Mark Kirk and former Congressman Bob Dold’s endorsement of Jim Carris (R-Lake Forest).

Senator Kirk has been cited as one of the most bipartisan members in Congress, understanding the need to represent his constituents rather than a political party. In his endorsement of Jim Carris, Kirk highlighted those same characteristics in Jim.

“In a time of division and gridlock in Washington leading to inaction, Jim Carris’ campaign is a beacon of independence, bipartisanship, and action. With a vision grounded in compassion and common sense, Jim is not just a candidate, but a catalyst for positive change in Washington,” said Senator Mark Kirk. “He will consider each issue thoughtfully and not just vote in line with partisan party bosses.  Jim is a leader who will champion the shared values and aspirations of our 10th District and he has my endorsement.”

Congressman Bob Dold noted Jim’s background in business and drive to deliver results for the families of the 10th District in Congress.

“With a fresh common sense perspective, proven track record of business and community leadership, and unwavering dedication to serving the people of the 10th District with integrity, Jim offers a fresh start for our community,” said Congressman Bob Dold. “Jim will fight to strengthen our economy, secure our Southern border and implement compassionate immigration reform, support law enforcement, and ensure that national security is a priority. With a current incumbent representative who has never passed a bill into law, I look forward to Jim being elected into the House of Representatives to usher in a new era of effective representation and bipartisan progress in Congress.”

Jim Carris released the following statement regarding today’s endorsements:

“I am deeply honored to have the endorsement of both Senator Kirk and Congressman Dold. Both men have worked tirelessly throughout their tenures in office to represent the needs of our District. Their commitment to our service men and women, law enforcement, and community speak to their integrity and deep understanding of the District and its legacy. I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with these strong leaders and look forward to a victory in November’s general election.”

Jim Carris is a local business leader and decades-long resident of Lake County running for Congress to change the trajectory of our country by working to end the negative social discourse that has taken hold in Washington and passing policy solutions based on independence, compassion, and common sense. In Congress, Jim will work across the aisle to deliver results. He’s a new, independent leader who will make the economy, public safety, and national security his focus.

Jim has spent his life in business practicing law, running his own company, and as a corporate leader. His career, as well as watching his father run a small business, has provided Jim with the understanding of keeping a balanced budget and making payroll. He knows the costs and hardships small businesses contend with and the struggles that 10th Congressional District families deal with due to burdensome government overregulation, inflation, and high taxes. He believes that now is the time to send a businessperson to Congress.